Inspired leather goods and home accessories for the modern explorer.

“Wilhelm & Friends is a collection of thoughtfully handcrafted and minimalist accessories and leather goods. We strive for beauty, practicality and durability in everything we create."


Drawing on her background in industrial design and years of experience in handbag and home décor design and production, Jules creates inspired designs for discerning individuals. Jules began creating things as a child in her grandfather’s workshop. Since designing and sewing her first bag in her early 20s, she has been honing her skills and unique style, mixing materials in unconventional ways and creating timeless designs that highlight her out-of-box thinking.

“We are inspired by materials, textures, colours and life. We love to create functional, simple, minimalistic, yet everyday pieces that will inspire you.”-Jules


Nia is a carpenter by trade and has over 20 years of experience creating with wood. He finds inspiration in combining old-world quality and craftsmanship with new materials. His practical skill and innovative approach helps bring Julia's creations to life.

“We have always loved the creative process and working with our hands; it was a natural step for us to eventually have our own shop of handmade items that we love and like to share.” -Nia 

Wilhelm and Friends is a product of the combination of complimentary skills and the sheer joy of creating things by hand.


All items are locally handmade by Nia and Julia at their workshop near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. All materials are hand-picked, specialty materials such as Horween leather and Cordura are special ordered to fit your needs. W&F welcomes custom orders.

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